Rusty the Chainsaw...

....last of the Red-Hot Swamis!

Rusty the Chainsaw
26 August 1980
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My name is Marty. Feel free to read about me here. Of course, reading my journal might be akin to something like this:
You're walking down the street, when you see a hole in the wall of a building, surrounded by brightly colored circles and smiling cartoon faces, with the phrase "Look Here!" You put your eye eye to the hole to see what the fuss is about, but there's only darkness. Then suddenly, you feel a sharp, stabbing pain. You reel back and put your hand to your eye, only to accidentally push the rusty butter knife farther into your eye socket. You start to run around screaming, then go into shock. You wake up in a hospital bed the next day, and say to yourself, "Well, that didn't go as I expected at all." Then the nurse beats you about the head and face with a halibut.